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  1. [Intermediate] Making a 1.5 mm Trigger pull on a Slider
  2. Special rules for Article Forum, Read before posting
  3. [Intermediate] Tuning E-cockers: a GatorGuide
  4. [Beginner] Cocker FAQs
  5. [Intermediate] Low Pressure?
  6. [Beginner] Cocking Pressure
  7. [Beginner] Timing
  8. [Beginner] Cleaning and Oiling a Cocker
  9. [Beginner] More Accurate? Shoots Farther? Why and how?
  10. [Beginner] Autococker Good-to-know Tidbits
  11. [Beginner] A guide to selling
  12. [Beginner] A Guide for Shipping/Packaging
  13. [Product] Trilogy resource
  14. [Beginner] How an Autococker works!
  15. [Intermediate] Cocker Dating
  16. [Advanced] Do-it-Yourself Mini Conversion Guide
  17. [Advanced] Do-it-Yourself Halfblocking Guide
  18. [Product] Eblade settings for millinium series
  19. [Product] Guide To Electronic Hoppers
  20. [Advanced]Hinge Overtravel Set Screw [how to]
  21. [Product] Sandrige F-5 Information
  22. [Product] Jam vs Venturi - Dec 14, 2008
  23. [Beginner]Dye Hyper 1 Disassembly and Maintenance, How To(Step-by-Step) With Pictures
  24. [Beginner] Autococker Myths and Facts
  25. [beginner] Which low pressure hose goes where?? front pneumatics
  26. [MPP Article] How to set an inline regulator
  27. [MPP Article] How to time an E-Blade
  28. [MPP Article] MQ? MQ2? What's the Difference?
  29. [MPP Article] Taking the mystery out of timing an autococker
  30. [MPP Article] The upgrade question
  31. [MPP Article] Installing a new grip frame
  32. [MPP Article] Upgrades, and what they do
  33. [How-To]: 'Cocker Low Pressure Gauge Tool
  34. [Beginner] Autococker Threads - Tap & Die Sizes
  35. AKA Merlin Specs
  36. Race Q's & A's
  37. Disassembly of a Rock LPR (Full Sized)
  38. Quick and effective DIY under $6 valve tool
  39. Manuals
  40. Slide Trigger Polishing
  41. Autococker LPR's break down/parts
  42. modded-like-hell's simple anodize removal
  43. Palmers Micro Rock Dissasembly
  44. How To: Cleaning and Polishing Brass Pneumatics
  45. Fine Tuning - Mech Mods
  46. Air America Regs
  47. Baldusi Autococker Spec Thread.