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  2. LPFB (Low pressure Front block)
  3. I got a Woody
  4. PneuCocker Version 2- Build Thread
  5. PneuCocker Version 2- Build Thread
  6. my ANS x5 mini clamp feedneck design
  7. spring return ram
  8. Brass Bodied Sniper
  9. Black Magic Project
  10. titanium is neat
  11. Multiple rudy projects
  12. Ball Roll Out: homemade solutions
  13. is it possible
  14. How to Nano a Cocker
  15. How to Nano: the Front Block Conversion
  16. My year long project is coming to a close
  17. Any ideas on feedneck threads?
  18. throwing an idea out there sparking this section :)
  19. Strangeworks cocker.....A mid 90's project continuation
  20. gauging interest ego to cocker frame adapter
  21. Egomag eye drilling and anno all in one place?
  22. My Ripper pneumag project
  23. Sovereign II
  24. Some halfblock questions. Undertaking a project, questions on bolt.
  25. The Cocker Collection
  26. Cockerizing a Timmy
  27. from race to regular
  28. How-To: Install Universal T-Board into Angel LCD Frame w/ Dead Board
  29. OTP G3 separation?
  30. Custom Jam Bolt?
  31. Project FrankenSov
  32. New build (hybrid cocker)
  33. Drilling out valve chamber for MQ2?
  34. Rudy Dean Build
  35. p-block?
  36. what non-cocker frame would be the coolest
  37. E2 board modification questions/help
  38. Sealing Vert ASA Holes in Cocker Body
  39. have uprising, need pneu frame built. electronics are leftovers :D
  40. om3 odessey cocker what spyder valve does it use
  41. Trilogy mini???
  42. Modify Eblade Pump to Auto Trigger... and return to normal
  43. New mini ram
  44. Eaton ripper ccm pump build
  45. 2k ripper body in need of milling ( looking for milling service)
  46. need your guys input on custom work!!!!
  47. Borring Barrels for inserts
  48. Which Body Should I Mid-Block
  49. Which Body Should I Mid-Block
  50. Does anyone still do "sleeving"?
  51. Ripper Merlin anybody? (design as of now)
  52. Homemade Hitman Mod
  53. Making an MQ type valve
  54. First A/C Project ever -- Q/A
  55. I've got a few projects...
  56. Build in valve project
  57. Custom Boston Reflex Build
  58. 2k4 Custom from scratch!
  59. Idea for next project
  60. Almost finished Midblock project...
  61. half block kits
  62. Aka #ml0001
  63. MQ2 Superstock Karni
  64. MQ2 custom Q's
  65. Diy… eblabe eye
  66. New Racegun Board Design - Open Source Paintball Board
  67. Lever action cocker project
  68. I'm considering doing a small trigger project for myself, lexan or plexiglass?
  69. Anno quotes...what are we looking for an anno price?
  70. Push Solenoid for Valve
  71. bolt caps
  72. Rudy#22
  73. Reflex Project
  74. Hobo Casting Some hit man pump grips
  75. Bolt Action Cocker Project
  76. Bazooka customs?
  77. Need help with custom mech!
  78. The supertrilogy is COMPLETE!!!
  79. Pneu-Etha
  80. cp reg into lpc?
  81. New 2k4 superstock build
  82. LPC Specs
  83. Had some free mill time today
  84. Half Block MQ2 suggestions
  85. Next 'cocker projects - need suggestions
  86. who here does custom mill work??
  87. Flat face breech bolt worth a try?
  88. Invisible Children 1 of 1 Paintball gun.
  89. Electronic Frames
  90. Stripped Chrome Plated parts, anodize problems?
  91. SR/Eclipse FB
  92. Brass Autococker
  93. Trigger Frame Build
  94. Yes, Another Rudy!
  95. ul frame mq2 micro cocker (video inside)
  96. Superbolt Project Continues!!!!!
  97. Empire Sniper into a Mech??
  98. possibly producing clear cocker bodies
  99. looking for a good anno person
  100. want to build
  101. Crooked eye hole
  102. Need some help building a Custom Cocker
  103. Using different boards ?
  104. merlinized 98 STO
  105. Trigger Ergonomics
  106. My cocker idea, airbolt, etc.
  107. Bonebrake E2 - what anno?
  108. The complete walkthrough to installing a 06 Ego Star frame on your MQ Cocker
  109. dye ultralite autococker
  110. cybercocker
  111. E2`d Baby of Mine
  112. polishing
  113. 04 Prostock Pump (to be)
  114. Who can halfblock
  115. E2 frame screen question
  116. Horizontal mounting reg
  117. E2 window my E1 karnivor
  118. Info on Eclipse Aurora trigger frame please..
  119. RASTA said the pen is stronger than the knife
  120. autococker feedneck mod
  121. Evil Omen Pneu Trigger Conversion?
  122. Cocker weight-loss. How much is too much?
  123. Gloss Yellow cocker parts?
  124. End-mill took a walk today....
  125. Someone should make... (barrel content inside)
  126. My Custom 2K WGP Build: Mini, Midblock, Etc.....
  127. FF Hookups new home!
  128. Midget and Mini questions
  129. Timmy ram sleeve into an 06 black magic idea.
  130. what types do you think is ok to halfblock/mini/micro/midget
  131. Custom front block for my VF Tactical pump
  132. Old All American SP barrel
  133. 06 black magic front end vote
  134. In other news today...
  135. Looking for an angled front block for my next project....
  136. What front block to use?
  137. Merlin Revenge V2 feedneck options
  138. What size barrel back for anno?
  139. Custom from the ground up
  140. Y-Grip Black Magic or apparently Automag frames bolt to Autocockers
  141. Airbrushing a cocker
  142. got bored, made in 20 mins of spare parts. keepers??
  143. mid-block : half block
  144. Covering raw section from halfblocking
  145. Duracoat for the best white?
  146. Wondering if we could do the same mod but to a rf autococker
  147. Mid block sniper build
  148. Who does the convertible mod for a ripper body?
  149. Frame Choice
  150. Lexan Autococker Body
  151. Karnivor projects
  152. My current project so far
  153. i hold the ripper merlin in my hands....er
  154. FASOR cocker build
  155. Rip Clip Autococker
  156. It appears I'm starting a new build
  157. That black anodizing touch up stuff evil uses
  158. How far does a solenoid spool travel?
  159. Bazooka Boy MIA?
  160. CCM 45 Mech!
  161. Round body Merlin CAD
  162. Looking for a custom autococker assembler to assist in a project
  163. Palmers Pursuit Shop 2012 Autocockers
  164. Merlin milling ideas?
  165. "Bottom Up" Midblocking
  166. modded-like-hell's simple anodize removal
  167. Well shoot, could use some help here
  168. MQ2 question/help
  169. Trilogy halfblock with dual pump arm and other modifications
  170. Filled eye holes with anodizing?
  171. Dovetail milling:
  172. Anyone have a 11/64 reamer ?
  173. Who can make me this frontblock?
  174. merlin milling services
  175. micro switch convertion
  176. Half block hammer info
  177. Anno colors
  178. 3d printers
  179. Karni front block on 05 prostock
  180. Lushman's Woodsball Build
  181. EVO Trade Results...
  182. Old school SP Barrel Removal ??
  183. Brass lined trigger frame
  184. My Ego Slayer
  185. Sandana Venom Wrap for your Karni?
  186. Sandana Venom Wrap for your Karni ???
  187. 2012 Merlin
  188. My newest, old merlin project
  189. Please educate me on this gun
  190. When you are bored
  191. Project: Lefty (Your Input Needed From Time To Time)
  192. Anodizing for Newbie.
  193. Thread Milling a Bonebrake AC Feedneck from press fit to screw in Mod?
  194. Just something I threw together. :)
  195. Building a mag
  196. Can any of you modify my feedneck for the Ego feednecks?
  197. a pump project
  198. Custom sydarm build
  199. any canadian electro cocker tech? need a final build and tune
  200. EGO feedneck mod done with bench grinder:
  201. Custom Anodizing, Plating, Coating- Brainstorming Thread
  202. What frames can be modded to be used with e-cockers?
  203. e2 wood frame who can make them?
  204. Pearls of wisdom needed
  205. Pnue-pump project
  206. CCM no rise feedneck
  207. question about bolts.... and modding
  208. Body rear frame hole HELP
  209. Modified all to hell '04 Prostock
  210. microswitch help
  211. Has anyone ever modified a feednecks threads?
  212. dragunfly to cocker fb...?
  213. Tig welding eye holes shut
  214. Racegun Halfblock
  215. Match anno or sell?
  216. Milling Question
  217. Jeweling under anodizing
  218. Met a machinist today
  219. Anodized Pattern/Colors Poll
  220. Ultralite Frame Mod
  221. Tech help needed
  222. custom karni sniper ideas?
  223. Ripper Autococker Build. Group Order
  224. Make my angry frame electronic?
  225. Karni pump arm question... need help!
  226. PBN DYI eblade eye
  227. Need some help on half block.
  228. got tired of asking for wood eblade grips :P
  229. anno ideas
  230. CCM S5 Round Top Finally Finished.......
  231. halfblock / midblock
  232. A new project for the winter.
  233. My latest project
  234. plugging Vert. ASA holes.
  235. I'm so doing this!
  236. Mechanical Karnivor Build
  237. Worrframe Membrane MOD
  238. anno ideas?
  239. Half block physcoballistic pump
  240. Project is coming together
  241. SSC modifying my FBM spiderweb for gothic style spikes video
  242. Adventures in Anodizing
  243. Mini orracle pump
  244. How to anodize it
  245. Feed neck problem
  246. Pattern anno - who
  247. After some help planning an "ultimate" Karnivor build.
  248. stripping powder coat
  249. My "ultimate" Karnivor build thread
  250. My next project FBM Gothic