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04-20-2007, 11:45 PM
After about 3/4 of a day of play, my 3 way seems to get sticky. I believe it is the 3 way, because.

1. The trigger will not return all the way foreward unless pushed, but will work fine if the air is turned off.

2. If I drop a few drops of gold cup in each end, with the air off, and work the trigger for a few minutes, it works fine.

It is an oracle 3 way, and I only shoot air through it.
Can I use some dow on it or should I just keep oiling it. The marker is well maintained, and even though I lube it in the morning, and at lunch, it still seems to start acting up right at the wrong time. Any help???


04-21-2007, 02:22 PM
ok a few of options.
First, ir a lpr (low pressure reg) is turned up too high, it will cause sticking. turn it down until the marker stops cycling properly, then turn it up a little at a time until it does cycyle again, then give it another 1/4 of a turn to make sure it does not suffer during rapid fire. Now if your shooting co2, some lpr's don't do well and will spike causing the trigger to stick. best for that is a goooood inline, good lpr, and anti siphon..
-clean the 3way and replace the orings. but I would just clean before replacing the orings. not sure of your timing skillls, so I will assume none for the benifit of this post.
unsscrew the front block screw, pull the front block away from the body enough to expose the 3 way shaft, clean the orings and inside the body of the 3 way, q-tips and rubbing alcohol in the body, I lube the orings with dow33 really well, then put oil on the shaft between orings. to get a nice mixture. the put all back together.
while the front block is off (be sure to not bend the ram shaft) pull the trigger, there should be no 3 way resistance at all. if there is then the frame is what needs to be cleaned out and it is the sticky part, not the 3 way.

04-21-2007, 03:17 PM
Checked the lpr first. Adjusted it just like you explained. Pulled the shaft and replaced the rings. Timing is not a prob. Actually getting pretty good at it. The main question I guess was if I could use dow on the 3 way. I asked, since I have never tried, and have heard of dow getting kinda gummy. Wanted some advice from someone with some experience with the combination. Exactly what I got. I will try the dow, oil mix.

Thanks Kmac

04-21-2007, 04:49 PM
oh yea, make sure timing rod and saft is not bent. and another thing that causes this is a twisted front block. look straight at the front ofthe marker to see if the front block is off from the body. you can usually just grab the front block and and twist it back and forth. if too far one way it will create a bind on the 3 way shaft..
enjoy and good luck,

04-21-2007, 06:09 PM
If the oil restores it then it's likely that you're just blowing away all the oil. Dow won't be so prone to the air pushing it around.

I just reringed a 3 way with fairly tight fitting Orings and I'm relying on the Dow33 to let it keep sliding. We'll see when I use it later today.