View Full Version : [Beginner]Dye Hyper 1 Disassembly and Maintenance, How To(Step-by-Step) With Pictures

02-02-2009, 09:43 PM
Ok, I looked around for help on how to take apart the Dye Hyper 1 and couldn't find anything really. So, I decided to make a guide.

What you need

-Adjustable Wrench
-Socket Wrench
-11mm Socket
-Small Pliers
-5/32 Allen Wrench


So First you wanna use the adjustable wrench to grap the bottom of the reg and put the allen wrench into the velocity adjusting screw. You can try to use your hands on the bottom piece or pliers on the macroline to preserve your anno.


Then you wanna screw in opposite directions and the bottom should come out and you will have two pieces.


The top one looks like this inside.


And the bottom one looks like this.


Next, we will take apart the bottom piece. You wanna put the socket wrench on top of it and grap your macroline with pliers or the bottom of the reg with the adjustable wrench as we did before to take it apart and twist in opposite directions.


You should come out with several pieces looking like this.


Now let's work on taking apart the top half apart. First you wanna back out the velocity screw all the way. CAUTION, there is a little ball in there that will roll out be ready to catch it.


To get the internals out you must put the bottom part of the allen wrench into the reg where the velocity adjusting screw and ball were and lightly push towards the bottom of the reg. CAUTION, Everything should come pouring out be ready to catch a really big ball, and several other items.


You should get several items to come out.