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05-17-2007, 03:23 AM
Hey all,

I'm new to the forums and no one knows me but Wolf13. I sold him the Red Raced Demonic Cocker (Serial #2) 2 years ago. I just made a purchase of another Excalibur (my 3rd) and my wife says I need to sell something to pay for it. I have a 1997 Danny Love MiniCocker that I picked up in 1998 for quite the chunk of change. I believe I am the 2nd owner and this was my favorite marker before the Races and Excals (I also have a Tribal collection). I thought I would run this marker by the group first to see if anyone is interested. It does have some updates to the "working parts"; ie regs, 3way, ram, trigger plate, bolt to name a few but the marker has the original Mill and Gloss Black Ano, which is in really good condition for an 10yr old marker. I hate to see this go, but the last time it got any play was D-Day a year ago when my 3rd back-up I brought with me went down (dang electro's). Here is a quick pic http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b333/kcdarklegion/DannyLoveMiniCocker.jpg

I am open to offers (maybe trades) but would like to see $300 for it. There aren't many of these Danny Loves that are'nt Westwoods. I've had plenty of comments over the years on this marker, with a few people recognizing Danny's work. I am an adult (32 yrs old) and always take really good care of my equipment (check Wolf13's comments about my old Demonic on his site).

Thanks, and let me know if your interested or not.

Stephen "Skullz" Kaminski
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