View Full Version : Disassembly of a Rock LPR (Full Sized)

02-08-2010, 03:35 AM
For those who are having problems with your Full Sized Rock you can easily service it yourself with a few basic tools.
Here is what you will need:

3/8”-24 1.5"bolt x 1
3/8”-24 nut x 2
Strap Wrench
8/16” Wrench

Remove the Rock knob from adjuster end
Take the bolt and thread 2 nuts and then the washer

Screw the bolt into the LPR with the washer in between the 1st nut and the face of the LPR

Clamp the head of bolt in a vice and use your wrench to snug the first nut tightly against the washer.
Then snug down the second nut jamming it tightly against the first nut.


Take your strap wrench to the body of the ROCK and unscrew
The front end will come off


Once the Front cap is off, you will see the 2 washers, Spring, Piston body with O-Ring.

At the other end, take out the air fitting and the pin and small spring should come out.
Clean the inside of the with solvent and replace the O-ring
The size should be 112, and get it made out of Viton (not Urethane or Buna).

There are a couple of versions of Rocks out there. I’ve heard that earliest versions had press fit caps at the adjuster end so be aware.

- Badger