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03-06-2010, 03:19 AM
My personal powerlyte hybrid kit for sale. This is in very good condition. The barrel tip anno is slightly fading from excessive wear and use.


I will not part this kit, do not ask.
No trades, No trades, I dont want your crap.
Shipping is not included.
I do not take paypal, or any other online payment.
I do not take paypal, or any other online payment.
I do not take paypal, or any other online payment.
I do not take paypal, or any other online payment.

What is included in this package is:

1x Powerlyte Hybrid body (complete internals)
1x powerlyte 2 piece barrel
1x barrel case
5x barrel inserts: sizes, 684, 686, 688, 690, 692

Price: 300.00

Specs for the Powerlyte hybrid body: (pulled this from their website before they removed it.)


The Hybrid was first developed several years ago as answer to the complicated, closed bolt cocking and firing system found on guns such as the Autococker, Blazer, etc. During the development of the Hybrid we had two main objectives; Simplify the pneumatic, closed bolt system and make the marker easier to maintain. These objectives were accomplished in amazing fashion by eliminating the need for a front block, moving the ram inside the gun body and creating an innovative swing block for the 3-way.

3D Milled Body Design.
High Speed, Low Friction, Internal Ram.
High Precision, Burnished Ram Bore for Increased Speed.
Delrin Bolt
Clamping, No Rise Feed Tube.
Recessed Back Block
Integrated, High Flow LPR.
Dual Ball Detents.
Dual Aluminum Side Plates, No More Rubber Eye Covers.
Pre-Drilled for Eblade and Break Beam Eyes.
Balanced, Low pressure valve.


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