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03-10-2010, 07:07 PM
They have a wide selection of Smartparts old stuff, found Noid Gasket for 1.50 each, that is less then 3.00 or more I haev found.
shipping is alittle high 5.50 first class
They do ship international!

International Customers
Please be aware that large items or a large number of items will not fit in flat rate envelopes or flat rate boxes. If you have large items please choose regular US Priority Mail or FedEx International.
Flat rate envelopes and First Class mail are for small parts like a small gun parts or anything very small in size.
Flat rate boxes will hold some larger things like clothing or slightly larger parts. They will not hold tanks, loaders, gear bags, etc
If you happen to choose a shipping method that will not hold your items we will email you and let you know that there will be a increase in shipping charges. This will of course take additional time for your items to be shipped if you choose a method that will not hold your items. We will have to email you and get approval for any additional shipping charges before charging your credit card.
Shipping Choices
First class is a cheap way to ship but its the slowest method.
Priority Mail is a moderate shipping rate and it is faster than first class
Express is the fastest method through the US post office
FedEx International is the fastest and best way to ship but its generally more expensive than the other methods. It provides the best tracking and most reliable service. We get a very big discount on FedEx international and we give that to you the customer. Our rates will be much cheaper than the standard rate you will find on fedex.com
If you have any additional questions please email us at orders@punisherspb.com