View Full Version : Freeflow body kit (red)

01-23-2007, 03:06 PM
80.00 shipped

Here we have a freeflow mini cocker in red. All parts are completely functional but it does show some wear in places. The Free flow feed has 2 small what appears to be plier marks in the chrome. There are other slight marks of wear throughout the body, but what truely stands out is the wear on both bottom sections of the back block as well as on the top of the body where the block rests. When block is in resting postion and a beaver tail is mounted it is not nearly as visible.

Comes with the following:
-freeflow body with both blocks and wire detent
-stainless vert mini ASA
-Front block screw
-Freeflow clamping feed

I was planning on making a no block cocker with sled out of this and then reanno it. I've seen these bodies done and look great, I will not budge on the price because if it does not sell then I will complete the project, lol
80.00 shipped
wear on back block/body.
Thank you very much and enjoy,