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01-30-2007, 02:39 AM
Cocking Pressure and Chopping Balls

Ok, some wont like what I have to say about the pinching ball issue but here it goes. The two MAJOR factors that dictate whether your going to pinch a ball or not is "cocking pressure" and "Timing". Timing is.... well...timing and your marker MUST be timed well or it will chop and have erratic velocity.

Cocking pressure is determined by the pressure set by the pneumatics reg. THATS IT! All this talk of hammers and bolts has little to do with it (except weight of back block, hammer and bolt). But, The main spring tension does determine the cocking pressure. So, a heavy hammer (makes up for light main spring) and lightened main spring will reduce the needed pressure to cock the hammer on the sear. Thus reducing the pressure on a pinched ball.

A common misunderstanding of cockers (because of hype mostly) is that the cocking pressure is related to valve operating pressure. Its simply not. The pneu reg gets adjusted separate from the inline reg. So what does it matter if you have a high flow valve? The cocking pressure is controlled by the pneu reg which needs to be set at a pressure that will cock the marker after every shot and do this quickly (to low a pressure will cause a sluggish ram) So theatrically you could have a cocker operating at 400 psi and the pneu reg turned down to 40-60psi, maybe even lower. This would prevent the pinching of the balls. With the right hammer spring tension this is easily done.

I know most will not agree, cause the truth has been blurred or confused so much. If you take the time to carefully read what I wrote, maybe youíll see my point. However, this is "hands" on knowledge for me and Iíve proved my theories already. Iím not shooting from the hip or assuming anything. Just thought Id share for those who might want to know.

Iím open-minded and if you have proof that will realign me let me know the facts. I will consider them.