View Full Version : [Beginner] Cleaning and Oiling a Cocker

01-30-2007, 02:43 AM
Cleaning and Oiling the Cocker

After a day of play it’s important to clean the paint residue, dirt and grit from the interior and exterior of your cocker. The following the steps are provided to help you out. Be sure to remove your hopper and don’t gas up your marker until step “5”.

1. Remove the barrel and run fresh water down it. Afterwards, run a squeegee through it. Set it to the side.

2. Remove the bolt and run a squeegee through the top tube. If the tube has dirt inside of it. Turn the marker upside down and run fresh water through the top tube and than squeegee. Oil the bolt o-rings before replacing.

3. Often sand or grit will get into your trigger frame or between the trigger frame and body. Electronics “Air-in-a-Can” works wonders on blowing this stuff out. Removing the grip panels or grip frame from the body helps out also. If you remove the grip frame be careful not the bend the timing rod during the process. You don’t have retime the marker if you remove the grip frame just to clean it.

4. Brush or blow out the grit from the pneus.

5. Lastly, you’ll have to lube the inline reg, main valve and pneu reg. This is very important. Remove the inline reg, put 3 to 4 drops of oil tin the ASA than replace. Than you’ll need to put 2 or 3 drops of oil at your air source. When you “gas up” the marker than air flow will send the oil into your in line reg. The inline input adapter or top of your air source reg or CO2 bottle is an example. Install air source and “gas up” the cocker. Turn the cocker upside down and shoot 8 to 10 shots to let the oil travel through the body.

6. De-gas and install your barrel. That’s it!

One of the fundamentals in cocker upkeep is keeping it nice and lubed. This is an easy task and prevents headaches in the future. This is often over looked by owners and will contribute to poor operation is not done. I only suggest using oil designed for use on paintball markers. I will not advise ANY substitutes.