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03-14-2007, 05:35 PM
Ok. There has been so much miss-information about what the trilogy can and cannot do I thought it was about time someone cleared it up. I plan on elaborating on the upgrades it is capable of accepting, and the level of customization possible

Over view of the trilogy models:

All trilogy markers:
-Closed bolt operation
-Integrated 3-way
-Dovetail mounting rail behind feedneck
-With HPA +/- about 7-10fps until broken in, then about 5fps
-they are also available in SF (select fire) Models with electronic operation.

SF Info
-Capped at 18bps
-TA ramp-15bps ramp begins after 3rd trigger pull
-b ramp-18bps Pull and hold trigger is 2 balls, pull and release is 3, ramp is activated on first trigger pull, must pull trigger at a rate of 4+ balls per second.
-full auto(NXL ramping)- 4 quick trigger pull and hold on the 4th.

Trilogy Sport: ($129.00)
-Gas through grip
-High pressure valve designed for C02 and HPA
-One piece 14 barrel
-Panel grips
-1 finger hinge trigger frame

Trilogy competition: ($119.00/SF$269.00)
-Inline regulator
-Wrap around grips
-Valve designed for HPA (C02 with anti-siphon)
-One piece 14 barrel
-1 finger hinge trigger frame-

Trilogy Tactical: ($129-134.00/SF$295.00)
-Inline regulator
-Valve designed for HPA (C02 with anti-siphon)
- Nickel aluminum bolt
-One piece 14 barrel
-1 finger hinge trigger frame
-Tactical shroud with three 7/8 weaver rails

Trilogy Pro: ($139.00/SF$299.00)
-Inline regulator (angled forwards)
-wrap around grips
-Delrin bolt
-2 piece barrel kit with .691 and .687 backs (made by J&J)
-Full 2 finger hinge frame

Adjustments Possible:

Inline reg: On the models that have them they are not externally adjustable. However you can adjust it as you can any other by removing the air line from the bottom of the reg. Inside is a screw that can be adjusted with a flat head screwdriver.

Trigger pull: The trigger pull can be adjusted in the same way as on any other cocker, by inserting an Allen wrench into the top of the body. There is however no trigger stop, so that adjustment cant be done.

Cocking rod: The cocking rod is also like any other Autococker and can be adjusted in the normal method

3-way timing: The timing on a stock trilogy is not adjustable as the 3-way rod is solid. It is only adjustable with an additional upgrade (see below)

LPR: The LPR is not externally adjustable. As with the inline reg the LPR must be removed from the body. Looking inside the LPR is a screw to adjust the cocking pressure. In its stock condition only one other LPR is capable of being attached to a trilogy. (This can be changed with an upgrade, see below)


Bolt: Any 2000+ bolt can be used

Inline Reg: any reg can be used as long as it can be set around 350psi (trilogy operating pressure)

Timing adjustment: The stock timing rod can be replaced with the TechT shaft kit. This allows the timing of the marker to be fully adjusted. This also allows for the use of after market trigger frames. (the shaft kit is not necessary on the SF models)

Trigger Frames: Any frame can be used provided that the shaft kit is installed. Some frames (almost exclusively sliding frames) require that the retaining nut holding in the valve be filed down by about a millimeter or two, else it will restrict the motion of the trigger. Also don't forget that if you upgrade to a sliding frame you will need to reverse your ram hoses.

LPR: With the addition of the TechT LPR adaptor nut any LPR can be attached. Palmer makes the only LPR (Rock) specifically for the Trilogy (On the tactical the LPR must not be larger in diameter than stock, this is not usually a problem)

Valve: The only two valves that currently exist for the trilogy are the LT valve made by palmer specifically for the trilogy, and the Merlin mq valve (this requires an E-frame and a trilogy adaptor sleeve).

Ram: there are a few rams that will definitely fit: WGP STO, KAPP Fat, Hybrid Half Pint, ANS mini ram, and Shocktech Extreme Rage. The stock ram is the same ram as is on the Pro Stock (On the tactical the ram must not be larger in diameter than the stock , but that is not usually a problem)

Barrels: Any cocker threaded barrel can be used on the trilogy.

E-Blading: Eclipse makes an adaptor to allow their solenoid to be attached to the marker; however Eclipse no longer makes the E-blade. The only other option available at this time is to buy the WORR Blade kit, or to buy the SF model of that marker.

Back block: Any flat fronted back block can be used

Feed neck: the feedneck is not removable from the marker; therefore replacing it is not possible. The only feedneck it is possible to attach is the Trinity T-Lock designed Specifically for the Trilogy.

Pump modification: It is possible to convert a trilogy to a pump a kit can be purchased from PMP Industries

Prices from Actionvillage.com

THE Hulk
11-24-2007, 02:39 PM
I bought a slightly used Trilogy Competition from a co-worker. Slapped a pump kit from WGP, CP shorty reg, CP 2k5 ASA with on/off, CP Full size (not the pro rail) for room for my pinky, and Dye stickys. Running macroline instead of the steel braid. Plans on updgrading the bolt and bolt pin as well as getting a 47/3000 steel tank. My 68/4500 is just a bit over kill. I use a 12 volt revvy with her, too.

Not a bad pump gun. Esp for the price.

Oh, the cocking rod is bent so not to rub against the spot where the ram was but I adding some heat shrink tubing in that area.

Sooo the point is as zWarlord indicated...You can do a lot with Trilogy's. Let your imagination run wild.

12-10-2007, 01:10 AM
The ANS mini ram will not fit. The nut in the back is gigantic.

The Belsales/ evo rams will fit if you grind off the corners of the flat surfaces for wrenching.

Also, you can hack off the stock feed neck and thread the body for angel threads relatively easily (anyone that does feedneck threading for other guns can do it)

Just suggest these to the OP or something since you moderators have to read them. Sorry.

02-07-2008, 04:59 PM
I never had a problem fitting the ANS ram to my trilly.

05-24-2008, 07:58 PM
I never had a problem fitting the ANS ram to my trilly.

Nor I, I had to rotate the top hat just right to get the rear barb under the barrel, but it worked fine