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Thread: E2 w/ qevs F/S/T or 99STO w/ E2 F/S/T PICS!!

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    E2 w/ qevs F/S/T or 99STO w/ E2 F/S/T PICS!!

    So I have this 99STO that I've been building for a year or so now and I really love this gun, but I think I'd like to switch it back to a mech and sell the E2 that's on it. It's a Black E2 version 0.24 (no ramping only semi and classic). The frame works great, but doesn't have an eye with it, I have spared my gun from recieving the mark of the beast (no eye hole)... So it doesn't come with one. However, it will come with two matching black Eclipse qevs to make it plenty fast...


    These pics suck I'm gonna get some better one's up soon enough... the classic mag isn't going anywhere, I don't think....


    E2 and qevs: $225obo

    99STO w/ E2 :$425obo

    Specs: 99STO, Black E2, .44 Magnum evo ram w/ black eclipse qevs, palmers micro rock, cp hp reg, shocteck rat II valve, slik III bolt (very light)

    As I've stated I'd prefer not to sell the gun but rather just the E2... but make offer if interested in the entire gun.

    You pay, I ship. Paypal can be excepted but I'd prefer MO's.
    Please post in here first b4 pming.
    Be respectful and no lowballs.
    Pm me with offers.

    I'd be interested in a single hinge frame or perhaps a double hinge frame for the E2 (plus cash of course). Not really interested in markers but offer up if you think I'd be interested (I like oldschool guns)

    Ions: Just-Say-No

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