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Thread: FAQ:What Happend to AIR-Powered

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    FAQ:What Happend to AIR-Powered

    Since this is a re-occuring topic as Air Members find their way here, I think its time to put the information into a sticky. Any of you quoted guys want me to remove your quotes let me know, but the Air staff's posting I feel is the most relevent information. Feel free to add if you wish of course.

    Quote Originally Posted by Azreal on Tinkers guild
    Tried emailing/contacting Sacker a few times now no response. We got hacked in some way and trojans were put on the site so I took them down, next day they were back up along with our admin stuff being cleared. I suspect one of two things, Sacker has made backups of the data and is starting from fresh or more likely all the data is deleted.

    Posted on Sep 28, 2006, 5:13 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Vantrepes View Post
    The board was hacked, and a virus was installed. We cleared it out a few times, but it kept coming back, so the board was shut down to prevent other people from getting infected. At that point, Sacker disappeared with the backup files, and the site died.
    Quote Originally Posted by Byte View Post

    Technically the domain is mine. Sacker was my web agent if you will. The name, sponsors, and staff were all attained by me.

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    Until stuff gets mirrored elsewhere ... relive the glory here:*/

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    this seems pointless now and should be removed from Stickies

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