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Thread: Quick and effective DIY under $6 valve tool

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    Quick and effective DIY under $6 valve tool

    Ok, i made this a while ago and have used it many times, i figure it should be in the articles section for everyone to see. everything can be found at a home depot/lowes etc.

    Parts needed:
    #10-32 threaded rod, 1' section
    x2 #10-32 threaded rod coupler (also called extension nuts, also found near threaded rod section not in bolt section )
    - this coupler is made of 5/16 hex and it will be the part that interacts with the jam nut
    x3 #10-32 nuts
    Red locktight (optional)

    Tools needed:
    hack saw
    adjustable wrench
    1/4" drill bit
    drill press, steady hand, mill, whatever you got.

    STEP 1: With the coupler in a vice or something equivalent, used a 1/4" drill bit to bore out one side of the rod coupler, you will want to go a tiny bit farther than half way through. Make sure you go straight and use lubricant, some couplers could be hardened. It should look like this when you are done.

    If you have a valve lying around, make sure that the valve, and stem go deep enough for the hex to engage the jam nut.

    STEP 2: cut a length of #10-32 rod to suit the length of your cocker body, its not really crucial so just make sure you have enough sticking out of the body to use a wrench on it. Using some locktight, thread the rod into the bored out coupler making sure not to go into the bored out part. Take a normal #10-32 nut and also thread it down to the bored out coupler. Tighten really hard because you do not want this joint to come loose. The torque from the normal nut will hole the coupler in place. on the opposite end, again using locktight, make a nut-coupler-nut sandwich and crank down on the nuts because once again, you do not want these parts to move. You could also probably use jb weld or epoxy on the threads and that will hold. Anyway it should come out to look something like this.

    You could also drill through the second coupler and add a thin rod or something to make a hackjob handle. Another good thing to do is to wrap it in electrical tape or something to protect the body from scrapes and dings. The best way to use this valve tool (unless you make a handle) is to apply downward pressure on the tool to compress the spring, and apply light torque (using a wrench, etc) until the jam nut starts to thread in, then your good to go!
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