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Thread: Lost/Stolen/MIA Cockers

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    been looking for one of my old babies from 99-2000.MIA ..... 2000 freeflow lockout edition with custom reversed mountain dew splash... was a fool to let it go... had a matching 12' boomy on it

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    This paintgun was stolen from my team's car at Skydome '99! If anyone has information about it, please contact me by e-mail immediately. Any help that results in recovery of the 'gun and/or prosecution of the thief will be rewarded.
    Westwood Autococker, serial number 42712 stamped on the right side of the gun body just behind the front block.

    It has the following upgrades:

    Westwood-milled center feed body with a bit of extra milling
    Fade anodizing with counter-fade splash
    Matching 16" DYE Boomstick
    Ultra-thin back block with twist-lock (custom-milled knob)
    New Bad Boyz Toyz Shocktech venturi bolt
    P&P .45 frame w/Hogue grips
    Bad Boyz Toyz Trigger-job
    Front trigger guide
    Rear trigger guide (superior to bending the sear)
    Trigger stop
    Levelled and polished contact surfaces
    Close timing (3 mm pull)
    2-finger trigger shoe
    LAPCO threaded timing rod
    Titanium rods
    Chromed Rock regulator with custom-milled knob
    Polished chrome stock ram
    Polished chrome 4-way
    Modified stock hammer with locking screw
    RAT II valve
    Stainless steel front-block screw
    P&P milled front-block
    For a high-resolution, close-up pic of the stolen Westwood, click here.

    Note the extra milling to the Rock and twist-lock knobs and the vertical ASA. Also note the ultra-thin back block and wire-nubbin detent. These things together make this paintgun unique and not-difficult to recognise. The matching Boomstick barrel was not stolen with the 'gun, so it is likely floating around with a different barrel now.

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    MIA. thank you USPS!
    As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

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    Quote Originally Posted by FeWolf View Post

    MIA. thank you USPS!
    "Coenen: A pod pack fits beer cans quite nicely. If you use regular 12 ounce cans you can usually get two per main-sleeve + 1 in the elastics. My Empire ZN 3+6 can hold an entire 12 pack. It goes down to nine if you're using 16 ounce cans though."

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    VF TACTICAL Autocker with e1Blade and sumari trigger

    Sov II custom Modded by HMCL for autococker front block, same as this one

    VF Tactical Trilly with Select Fire Frame and LPR Front mod.

    This is why I have no cockers
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    As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

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    i had a bag of 8 BNIB palmer quickswitches stolen from me during fall castle @ EMR (6 black, 2 nickle iirc). if anybody happens to see anybody with a large amount of them for sale, please let me know.
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    Evo-X & Eclipse cockers (must have "Angry" .45 frame), & p-blocked ripper bodies.

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    Stolen as pictured in Boulder Colorado

    was not functioning

    all free flow, engraved on back of hinge, favorite gun.

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    Sold this to CCM Cocker my friend, and very shortly thereafter it was stolen out of his car in the Central NY area. This was probably about a year ago now. If it ever comes into circulation, I'd love to be notified.

    Notable Mentions:
    The solenoid housing was lose from the body. It never threaded in right from the previous owner, and always hung limp on the wire. Other than that, exactly as pictured.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FeWolf View Post
    My work started a Gun/Child Safety program, they are giving away locks, I picked up a few for when I go to the PB field, here is a pic on how they work, I run mine thru the Feed and out the front out the marker.

    ppl look at me weird when I use these to lock my bag to the table and then run one thru the zippers of my gear bag as well, I try to make my stuff look like its more trouble than its worth and so far so good.

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    That's not your responsibility. It is up to the sender to file a claim with USPS. You will simply get your money back from the sender (file a paypal claim if you haven't done so), and the sender needs to get his $$$ back from USPS (hopefully he insured it or he is screwed).

    Otherwise, it is probably in the hands of an USPS employee or sitting somewhere after it fell out of the damaged box.

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