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Thread: The (almost) complete (getting there) list (well its long) of cockers

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    Not sure if worth mentioning. With the ANS bodies, there were RF and VF versions of the black slab bodies. And there was a body after, but pre GX-3, slightly fancier milling than the GX-3s and 4s. Almost, if not the same as the LEs, but plain annos.

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    The VIP autococker by Jack Wood (Before they became Eclipse) is not on the list either.
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    Guess what?

    Looks like we can add 3 NEW companies to the list!

    Empire, Inception design, & Niche!

    And a few more autococker models!

    Kryptonite, Resurrection, Nemesis(soon Banshee), & Ripper. I'm pretty sure I'm missing one or two. I think the half block body kit from Inception.

    Kind of cool to see the list starting to grow again.
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    J4 is up to something too

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    You could put RedZ on there and that newest one PTP did. Didn't see a Spine on there either.

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    AIR AMERICA WEAPON SYSTEMS made one single body run of around 100 units for Bud Orr. They were never sold, but some make it out of the dark corners and found their way to the open market.
    There are now 9 known to exist bodies, 4 of them have been custom milled, and without pulling out a micrometer, you'll never know 5 Raw bodies have been uncovered. Dan Colby has one, I have the first one made (as authenticated when Dan Colby gave it to me), and another member here has 3 I am currently trying to buy. The remaining known 4 (all milled) are with former employee's of Dan.

    The First one off the line (it was built with spare parts to verify working condition of the run, and left built up on a wall for years. Note the Back block is NOT the original one. That one met a ill fate when another employee decided to try a hand at milling on a drill press, and mistook it for a random raw cocker body)

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    Is this ever updated?

    What about the 32* As Cold As Ice?

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    WGP Featherlight (dating from around 1995).

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