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Thread: Bonebreak info please?

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    Bonebreak info please?

    Well i've had this gun for awhile now, and i've tried looking up some info on it, but i haven't found anything about it. I know what's all on it, but i'm trying to figure out how many were made, etc. Any info will be greatly apperciated. Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, wasen't sure where to post it.

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    fearless will be angry with you
    So i bought a gun from a guy and he told me it shot lazers. When i got the gun i reported him for false claims about the product because when i tested it... it only shot painballs

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgerton View Post
    fearless will be angry with you
    ha why?

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    Cuz I want one but am to picky

    ~160 or less
    last gen body (3 or 4 gens)
    could have come drilled, but no way to really tell
    cp reg more then likely stock
    pnues look to be change out
    missing the beaver tail
    should have a cp barrel

    Shame they dont picture well, look much better in person.
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    I know someone who has a red one with the slim tube milling, but instead of the big "BONEBREAK" down the side, it only has a small one on the left side at the back of the lower tube with an oval around it... pretty sweet milling and all... not sure anything else about them though, so I'm curious to know more as well... 3 or 4 generations of them??? hmmm what are the differences??

    Enlighten the masses if you would.

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    Sound like the red one is a first gen, should and a rather low sitting feedneck that pressfit.

    No picture but before the Signature Series there were modified wgp gun and "bonebrake" milled though the top tube

    -Gen 1 Signature Series 2001

    Left side Bonebrake in oval
    Low siting pressfit feedneck
    Ans pnues and early macdev HPR
    Metal Bonebrake bolt
    Maybe ans internals also
    Modified benchmark slider maybe option of wgp hinge, 25 or less with the slide frames
    Option of full cp barrel kit

    -Gen 2 Signature Series 2002

    Bonebrake milled on to the right side, like the one in the picture above
    Feedneck changed since gen1 neck were pulling out when people stuffed halo hopper in them. pressfit with thread top but its special bonebrake thread and they never made a camping neck... Has a B milled into the neck and much taller
    Ans pnues and early macdev HPR and LPR
    Metal bonebrake bolt
    Bonebrake internals
    Wgp hinge w/ bonebrake sear moved away from the slider triggers
    Cp barrel kit option

    -Gen 3 Signature Series

    Bonebrake milled on to the right side, like the one in the picture above
    Feedneck changed again to standard cocker thread and came with ccm necks
    ans ram(?) macdev LPR and CP HPR
    Metal bonebrake bolt
    Bonebrake internals
    E1 or maybe Wgp hinge w/ bonebrake sear
    Cp barrel kit option maybe?

    -Misc Info

    ~160 or less guns, 2 have been half by rlong of turtle innovation
    Body milling is basically the same, except for the bonebrake name
    CP did the milling and ano
    Local machine shop in Salem Or drilled for the eyes if they were factory
    Couple of gen2 guns running around with ans race frame those were team guns for a team in Oregon, supposedly the eyes are not drill to good.
    Last 6 sold were the acid washed w/ e1's
    Most the gen 2 and 3 are single color, the gen 1 I have seen are fades

    -Old ad


    The 2002 Bonebrake Autococker has the most heavily modified Budd Orr body (internally and externally) on the market. The quality and craftsmanship are beyond compare. Each step in the assembly of the markers is done with such great care that nothing goes unnoticed. At Dan Bonebrake Airsmithing, an Autococker goes through a process that changes it from a stock marker to a fine-tuned performance machine.
    Autocockers are great markers that have been well respected for many years. Jason Henley, head of research and development at Bonebrake, “you’re just going to get better performance.” At Dan Bonebrake Airsmithing, every marker is pressure checked, chronographed and brought to exact specifications before it is put in its box.

    Bonebrake has brought to the Autococker these (and more) new, innovative features: low-pressure operation (160-220 psi), minimum cocking tension, a Bonebrake-modified WGP hinge frame, and low rise, a gladiator in-line regulator, a CP classic barrel and one of the fastest mechanical triggers available.
    The new features of the Bonebrake Autococker will bring you increased durability compared to other Autocockers. “It will get shot at and gooped up, but it will get you through a tourney,” said Henley. With a Bonebrake Autococker, you will see an increase in speed (as far as balls-per-second) and you will be less likely to chop paint.

    Dan Bonebrake Airsmithing is committed to continuously innovating the finest in elite performance paintball products. What turns an Autococker into a Bonebrake Autococker? Features of the 2002 Bonebrake Autococker:

    Custom Machining
    • Bonebrake gas block
    • Bonebrake air receiver
    • WGP main body
    • Bonebrake back block
    Bonebrake feed tube
    • Bonebrake proprietary interchangeable high and low rise
    • WGP grip frame
    • Bonebrake block guard/ beavertail assembly
    Pneumatics/ Regulators
    • ANS Ram
    • ANS 3-way
    • ANS actuator rod
    • ANS jackhammer II
    • MacDev Gladiator in-line regulator
    • Bonebrake gas block bolt
    • Bonebrake valve spring/ main spring
    • WGP exhaust valve seal
    • Bonebrake valve guide
    • Bonebrake valve retainer
    • Bonebrake hammer and cocking lug
    • Bonebrake spring lock
    • Bonebrake cocking rod
    • Bonebrake pump arm
    • Bonebrake bolt complete with quick-pull pin
    • MacDev ball detent
    • Bonebrake pivot sear and return spring
    • Dye sticky grips
    • “Bonebrake” machined into marker’s contour
    • “B” logo jewels on hinge frame

    • CP 14” classic barrel
    • Operating pressure – 200-220 psi @ 290-300 fps
    • Gas-efficient, low-pressure operation
    • Mild cocking tension
    • Extremely smooth and fast trigger pull
    • Durability
    • Tournament-ready
    Limited lifetime warranty

    -Eye Candy

    Gen 1 Signature Series w/ CP kit

    Gen 1 Signature Series incomplete

    Gen 1 Signature Series w/ ANS Race

    Gen 2 Signature Series

    Acid wash gen 3 Signature Series

    Acid wash gen 3 Signature Series missing E1

    Acid wash gen 3 Signature Series with its E1

    98 sto, may be Dan's prototype gun, signed

    Early custom Job,not sure what all he did to it, has dan signature on it also

    About the extent of my knowledge and I'm sure some of it maybe wrong.
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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for all the info Fearless.

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    not meaning to hijack, but i am in the process of trying to buy one that looks like the gen 2 grey/pewter thats bladed, and it has all of the original same anod CP stuff with it. whats a high/low price to offer. it is very clean.

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