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    T2 Slot blocker

    I was having fps issues with my T2 when I first got it. I noticed when the bolt was closed in the firing position the hammer slot was gathering any debris due to it being exposed and unprotected. I found anything that made its way into the lower tube through the exposed hammer slot, no matter what it was resulted in fps lost. I was told to remove my hammer, clean it,and dry it. This was due to strict tolerances between the hammer and the lower tube. So I loved my T2 but hated fixing this issue every time I played. Also not playing as hard for fear of something making its way into my exposed hammer slot causing fps loss will never happen with me. So I called ccm to maybe get a solution and I was told that they have no plans on fixing this issue. I then started the project to build a piece that would protect the slot, and still retain the aesthetic look of the T2. I wasn't alone in making this part, I had help from Richard Black my engineer/machinist and friend. Rick took the design and put it to the cad program for me. I then had the slot blocker made by a American cnc milling company. They came back from the mill and I had half of the slot blockers polished for a gloss finish and half were left alone for dust finish. I then sent them to Chico's metals which is the same company ccm uses, and got them back within a week looking really good. I had one problem with the screws that I bought they were about 3/16 to long in some T2's but not all of them. So I shortened all the screws so there should be no more issue's. Installing the slot blocker does not void your ccm T2 warranty. However ccm will not cover any parts under the warranty due to issues caused by the slot blocker, but will still continue providing warranty to the rest of your marker. That being said these are now for sale and are ready to ship. I have them available in dust black and gloss black only for now. After these 45 slot blockers are gone if there is enough demand I will make another run of them if not that's it. WHEN INSTALLING THE SLOT BLOCKER ON THE T2 MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE SCREWS. THIS WILL CAUSE BINDING AND OTHER NEGATIVE ISSUES. IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES OR CONCERNS PLEASE CONTACT ME RIGHT AWAY.

    Pictures, prices, reviews, and a video.

    My personal T2 for example pictures of what it looks like on a gun. I only had one anodized dust pewter to match my T2.

    YouTube - Mopeds Magic Cover

    I have 18 Gloss black Slot Blockers that come with two new screws and will be $36 paypald and shipped each. Shipped anywhere in the continental United States. Shipping quotes for outside the continental United States can be acquired by contacting me via personal message.

    I have SOLD ALL Dust black Slot Blockers that come with two new mounting screws and ARE ALL SOLD OUT.Shipped anywhere in the continental United States. Shipping quotes for outside the continental United States can be acquired by contacting me via personal message.

    Please pm me for payment information and your payment will secure your slot blocker.
    More reviews will be posted soon from different people that we all know.

    Just post pictures and testimonials on the slot blocker please. Like this
    Just picture from a tester. This T2 was put through hell by a snake player on pump team Total Grief. You all know him as Cody Skullet Ross.

    Now I was told he gets the dirtiest but this is ridiculous

    He sent me this picture of his T2 after a day of play in St Louis sand/mud is the best way to describe whats on it and all over it. I was told the trigger doesn't even work right but the the lower tube is clean and there is no fps loss. More reviews to come....
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    good idea... and just really to the dirty marker.. really... thats hard to do even trying to get a marker that dirty isnt easy. he should probably get a fill nipple cover lol

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    I dont need a Slot Blocker...but I would like some info on your gun stand!

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    Lol I couldn't get my T2 that dirty if I tried and that's why I needed testers just like him. Plus I said the same thing when I saw the marker. I think he's crafting a nipple cover out of mud though.
    I'm going to start making more of those soon if I can get permission. I have the last 5 known. As as I get rid of these I will start some of those if I can.

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    i am surprised at ccms response of that they didnt plan on fixin it as well. cus its really a simple yet effective idea mabey market to the halfblock guys a new sled that blocks the slot as well. could possibly see some additional buisness their.. i personaly have neaither a t2 or a halfblock lol. but its a good idea. and that dirty one still amazes me that level of dirty on the marker is rediculous. im not exactly nice to my workhorse eaither but just dam.

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    I was just as surprised as you because I told ccm I would buy the part no matter what it cost to fix the problem. There are a lot of T2 owners out there that feel the same way. Other half blocks might not have the same issue as the T2. The t2's hammer and lower tube are just so tight that you cant even put oil on the hammer without getting drag and fps lost. Well Cody plays hard or goes home. He doesn't have time to worry about fps lost cause by a little mud. Its made by a pump player for pump players to stay in the game longer and not have to worry about there equipment but the game.

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