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Thread: Xtreme Paintball Park in IL broken into, stolen CCMs

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    Angry Xtreme Paintball Park in IL broken into, stolen CCMs

    repost from MCB:

    Xtreme Paintball Park (Home of Total Greif) was robbed on 10/22/11
    Xtreme Paintball Park in Millstadt, IL (Near St. Louis) was broken into on 10/22/11. The thieves tripped the alarm. At this time, these are the guns that are missing. They are fairly rare/easily identifiable guns. All the guns are CCM Pumps, usually in Purple/Silver or Purple/Gold anno. Also, most are lasered Total Greif and with Tore/Salís name on them. I do not have serial numbers at this time.
    **NOTE: Some of the guns below might be miscounted for. This list may change, please check back often. If you know anything about these guns please call Tore @ (618) 476-9273 or (314) 452-8990
    1 Dust Black with Dust Green accents S5 with 86 Slider frame.
    1 Gloss Black S6 Prototype (an SS-25 Body milled to look like an S6) This has anno wear
    2 Gloss Purple/Silver SS-25. Total Greif and Tore/Sal all over these guns.
    1 Gloss Purple S6 Total Greif and Salís name
    1 Gloss Purple/Blue S6 Total Greif and Toreís name
    1 Gloss Deep Purple T2 with top tube inserts. Has Gloss silver accents, Total Greif and Salís name
    1 Gloss Maroon/Black T2 with 86 frame
    1 Gloss Purple/Gold T2 with Total Greif/Salís name
    1 Gloss Purple/Gold S6.5 Total Greif and Salís name
    Pics of My Collection of 60+ rare and oddball cockers.

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    Images not working

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    i have played there a few times. Nice park, but it always seems that someone gets something stolen there. Its unfortunate.

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