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Thread: This will change the way Paintball is played

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    Your right Nuke, I agree that the velocity increase isn't possible (it really sounded ridiculous as i was typing it), but I do think there could be a safety issue w/the fact that it's not a true paintball. It's a paint filled plastic projectile. Every teenage Dave Youngblood w/a ramping electronic marker/electronic hopper has an advantage over the casual renters. It has to be the diligence of the field owner to not let these wanna-be pro's ruin a rental groups outing. I think it's still the safety issue that could possibly arise. Weren't there these "refillable paintballs" that came out about 10-15 yrs ago that ended up being pulled off the market b/c they were shattering masks?


    At Josh - No, I don't think he had any proof, I think what he meant by that was that the twist and trajectory made it seem like it sped up.
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    I thought as much. Although if you could find a way to do so, you could be rich!

    Also, not that I know a ton about first strike but.... It would seem silly for someone like Tiberius to release something like that without testing it.
    I have been shot with them and never thought they were unsafe, but then again I'm not an expert.

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    anyone knows if apex barrels are not allowed or flatline at certain field, since the give and added range over regular markers?

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    I never miss the scenario game at the Splatter Ranch, AZ. The crowds and role playing in long fetched competition is always exhilarating. But long range woodsball is my forte and Tippmann US Army always works best for me. The marker is at its own level when it comes to crashing milsim.
    Despite being reliable and high performing to a military level, it is arguably one of most price friendly for this class of markers.
    Its package is really a milsim gear including GXG XVSN mask with anti fog lens, 6+1 harness, 6 high strength clear tubes, 200rd 3Skull hopper and folding fore grip as well as a red dot support.
    Unlike other long range paintball markers, this rifle is upgradeable to beast performance in the game with externals such a semi-auto electronic grip, electronic-response trigger, cyclone feeding system and so on.
    Though it reaches lesser feet than some guns, the mil experience is worth it.
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