The Micro Rock can be one of the harder LPRs to disassemble. This is how I do it when I get one that just doesn't want to come apart.

You need:

1) Two 3/8-24 bolts (at least an inch long)
2) Four 3/8-24 nuts
3) Two 3/8 Nylon Washers
4) Two 5/16 Allen wrenches
5) Wrenches
6) Strap Wrench

1) Remove the small fitting on the side of the LPR.

2) Remove the Air fitting from the back of the LPR. To do this use a strap wrech to grip the body and a 7/16 wrech to undo the air fitting. If your lucky the back cap will come off with it.

3) Install the bolt, nuts, and washer. Make sure Nylon washer is aginst back cap. When threading in the bolt, thread it in untill it stops, then back it out a turn.

4) Tighten the lower nut aginst the body. Hold the bolt with the allen wrench in one hand, and tighten the lower nut hard aginst the body. The nylon washer prevents LPR body from getting damaged. Next tighten the upper nut aginst the lower nut the same way. You need both nuts to be very tight to work.

5) Remove the set screw in the front of the LPR. Install the Bolt, nuts, and wahsers the same way you did the back of the lpr.

You should have something like the photo above.

6) Clamp an Allen wrench into a vise, aginst the flast of the allen wrench. It will be off center, but will still work. Using the other allen wrench remove the body, and back cap. If the bolts come out of the body or back cap, tighten the bolt and nuts more. It might help to heat up the lpr a little incase Loctite was used sometime in its past.