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    Empire Resurrection Autococker Review

    Empire Resurrection Autococker Review and parts.

    • Snappy trigger and generally smooth (not glass but much better that stock WGP) conservative timing
    • pneumatics are interchangeable with old AC parts (not that you need to)
    • LPR is a AKA SMC-III (IMO the best LPR out)
    • Planet Eclipse detents
    • ST Bomb like 3way. Very smooth
    • Ram is serviceable without removing it from the front block
    • All parts were not death Loctited on (thanks Empire)
    • Ram and 3way lock screws
    • Ram Shaft has wrench flats (no more plier marks)
    • 3way shaft is one piece
    • bolt is a three oring style
    • SMALL to large bore barrel kit (the large bore will be freak milled)
    • Timed out of the box, just add tank hopper and fun.
    • HPR is a removable and replaceable but why would you........
    • Bleeding On/Off
    • Finish dust is just right and good color match between parts (Black version)
    • Milling is nice except one part.......see cons
    • Hogue style bubble grips are good for big hands
    • Trigger shoe is large and accommodation for gloved hands

    • Lack of lube/oil in HPR and LPR IT CAME DRY.
    • Personally I do not like the T-rail bottom-line connection type
    • Milling the "Empire" milled into the side......I'm not a fan of forced branding

    • Bottom of ASA to top of feedneck 8.5"
    • Length of gun from the very back to the end of the pneumatics 11"
    • Width of body at max 1.5"
    • Barrel backs 7.5" and front lengths 9" Total together is 14"
    • W x L x H of the foam in the box 15.5" x 5" x 10"

    It came today 5/31/2013

    And yes the new acronym is for the Autococker Resurrection is "ACR". Or "AFR" for your WGP Autococker purest (AutoFocker Resurrection)
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    page 2

    350 psi from the factory??? I think my sniper is 280 psi factory set.

    After approx a case of paint the reg sweet-spotted at 260/270 PSI with the rear hammer spring adj just a smidge out form flush.

    Slotted trigger plate......but a shorter slot than older WGP plates.

    Trigger Glide Screws very similar to CCM 86 slider.

    Nylon set/lock screws very similar to the ANS 3way actuators coupler.

    The 3way body is milled like the old SS Check-it products 3way, but the 3way shaft is a one piece integrated coupler like Dye, and CCM

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    page 3

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    Page 4

    ST Bomb/Dye/Check-it

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    Page 5

    LPR...............SMC-III "The LPR main piston was dry no lube" the other parts had what looked to be dow 33

    Here is a AKA SMC-III

    Belsales like Ram Minus optional barb location. Smooth but not as smooth as a belsales.

    Not happy with the DRY non lubed Reg. YES NO LUBE/OIL At ALL

    Oh Yes OOOOH Yes I did!

    This is a Nummech drop T-rail

    It provides great balance.

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    Admit it you hate it!
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    Just wish it wasnt a mid block

    Can't get it to work? Hit it with a bigger hammer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by docfire View Post

    OMG its the same thing!!!
    i knew i wanted that 3way shaft for some reason!

    Autotriggers For Sale

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    I had the guy at the shop put it on an Oracle. I want to buy one!

    Any idea on what it's like internally? And it'd go on one of my mechs but I wonder what the recharge rate is and if it'd be good enough for an electro.
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