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Thread: How To Fix your ShockTech 45 Frame

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    How To Fix your ShockTech 45 Frame

    For those who bought a ShockTech 45 frame on EBay (ST ebay store) and are having issurs with the trigger plates here is the reason.

    IMO these frames were mill out of standard BM/WGP standards. Or as I like to call them B-STOCK going out of business parts

    Milling issues:
    1. Trigger slot milling width is .187 and the BM frame is .177 This = plate slop (WGP trigger plate width .158 compared to ST width of .148)
    2. Trigger Glide of adj screws distance apart are .890 compared to Bechmarck BM of .811.

    Well #1 can be fixed with a fatter plate. Now for issue # 2. If you are using brass or nylon tipped set screws and with a WGP slider (left plate in photo) the trigger plate will fall off the screw tip and cause the trigger to jam while in the forward position.

    Now how to fix #2:
    1. Use a ST trigger plate (although thinner than WGP plate enhancing Issue #1) which is longer on the rear slider part and reducing the falling off issue.
    2. Ditch the brass/nylon tipped screes and us a standard set screw filled flat to create a larger surface for the WGP plate to ride on. or use these

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