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Thread: Any updates?

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    Sorry guys
    Yes I do have a box of stuff from Tom.
    I wanted to reach out sooner but after picking it up it has been one thing to another leading up to a death in the family that has been throwing everything 3 sheets to the wind.

    Now if you are owed anything please PM me. Now not nothing is tagged or marked to who gets what so you will have to list it and to me in the PM. I will confirm that I have it and get your shipping in to get it back to you

    O NOtHING (AKA Dave)
    Can't get it to work? Hit it with a bigger hammer.

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    Thank you dave for the reply and update. Hopefully one day this thread can be closed.

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    Sorry to see this is still going on. Glad members stepped up though!
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    Getting my parts back, big thanks to o_nothing!

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