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Thread: The I need a 1000$ in a relatively quick manor sale

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    The I need a 1000$ in a relatively quick manor sale

    so i sold my daily driver because it was starting to act up and it was previously beat upon by my younger sister (damn thing was starting to puff smoke on startup, needed things i didnt want to do and didnt have time to mess with), so its gone. i have a chance at a car that i really want but im about 1200$ short. i can make up a couple hundred, but ive already haggled the car down a couple grand and wont be able to go much further once i get there in person. so alot of stuff i have is going up for sale till i get that cash. (if anyone here restors 1964/65 Falcons or Rancheros, or 68-71 Torino, Ranchero, Fairlanes hit me up if you need parts i may have it)

    im listing some of my favorite stuff, be easy on my heart. haha

    FreeFlow Millennium Race Autococker-550
    Palmers micro rock w red twist knob
    SMC ram
    CP v3 reg
    check it unimount
    eclipse lower tube
    ans quickpull venturi bolt
    ccm feedneck
    race frame with new battery
    *comes with charger not pictured
    *will come with the red TRVs, but they are not on the ram, one developed a leak

    '98 r/f Autococker-175
    CCM pump kit with red/glitter handle
    ANS dialer lower tube
    ANS quickpull bolt
    proline backblock
    wgp reg
    wgp slider with polished guts
    *does not include ccm barrel
    *was a project that didnt get finished, will need some work
    *small set screw stuck in ivg hole, will need to be drilled out

    Orange Minimag-200
    Freshly powdercoated hopper right body
    chrome rail
    smart parts foregrip
    Benchmark frame
    lvl7 minimag valve
    *valve has a leak, was stored and not used after

    John Deere Green Automag-160
    freshly powdercoated
    Armson rifled barrel
    level7 valve
    kapp gas through
    *will come with hard grips not rubber ones pictured
    *valve will need parts/work

    Black Magic CCM'd Pump-400
    very rare Green to purple fade
    CCM deluxe pump kit with hitman mod
    CCM lower tube
    CCM bolt
    CCM 45 thick frame
    CCM beavertail
    clamping feedneck
    karni reg with green collar
    matching green asa

    Trifade Orracle-300
    Delrin bolt
    Orracle internals with brass valve
    KAPP full frontblock (ram, lpr, 3 way)
    CP v2 reg
    CP unimount
    Dye single finger hinge (rare!)
    *shoots like butter, this has been my main mech for a long time, absolutely great gun

    EDM Toxic trifade Matrix #009-400
    original barrel
    Red bolt kit with freeflow pieces
    CCM no pro
    sidewinder reg
    cp unimount
    Tadao 5.0 board
    Kapp trigger
    SCM1 lpr
    *tiny leak from the noid gasket, never effected anything. still use every weekend
    *can add a gold bolt with orange sam Carbon fiber bolt tip for 130

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    Nice Orracle And Black Magic !!

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    thanks they both are great shooters, i really dont want to get rid of any of these, but i really really want/need a car. and the one i found is a great deal

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    All of these are great bro! If I wasn't also trying to raise money something would be shipping this way. Good luck bro!

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    thanks man, i really dont want to let any of these go, just goes to show how much i really want this new car...haha
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    Nice stuff. GLWS. that Freeflow is slick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apom View Post
    Nice stuff. GLWS. that Freeflow is slick.
    thanks. and it is. i might have to make a shooting video to show how fast this thing can empty a rotor...

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    I'm interested in race gun please make video!! :-) :-)

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    Man.... if that BM wasn't drilled......
    Quote Originally Posted by pumzele View Post
    If you don't know at least one of them (nuke, wedge, a2d, darkapolo, metalmover, demo222, ect.) I highly doubt you are a regular to this forum...

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