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Thread: Monkey Butt is moving

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    Monkey Butt is moving

    So this day came sooner than we expected...

    My day job is moving to Nashville from Richmond. We expected this to happen in 6-8 months, but it looks like it will happen much sooner. In preparation we will need to do ALOT of home renovation. Speaking with the contractor we will be starting with the basement of our home which means..... I will have to shut down operations of Monkey Butt Customs till we settle in nashville. I am looking for a house with a workshop! Jody wants a big kitchen, I want a (heated) workshop!

    Unfortunately this means that I will have to wrap up everything this weekend. We have some deadlines to meet with the moving package that we will need to move. Unless something happens on Thursday during a company meeting that is well outside of expectations we will need to close our doors for the time being. For all those who were on our waiting list, I am very very sorry we couldn't get to you. I would look to Arc ano, he has been offering some aggressive pricing and you know he does good work.... oh to be a college kid again and not have crazy expenses....

    We are keeping all the equipment to start up again, we just will need to purchase all the "liquids". Speaking of... if you are willing to make it to the 804 in the next week and will bring all your own containers we have something in the neighborhood of 25 different colors that will be literally going down the drain. Thats about $350 worth of colors that we will re-buy as needed when we get to the new residence.. all yours for free.. let me know!

    So I have a couple projects in house right now, those will all be done before I dismantle. (don't worry guys) I will also have my own karni done this weekend.. but before we leave, here is my Works that I did two weekends ago:

    I'll get it fully assembled soon!!
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    Congratulations on the move man! That works turned out awesome!!
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    It will be a treat to have an anodizer in the state Hope you have a very smooth transition.

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    Hope the move goes smoothly and that one turned out fantastic.

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