Hitting a couple of forums with this... We have been getting a lot of questions about Armson Rifled Barrels and First Strike Rounds. I DO NOT want to get into a big philosophical discussion about twist direction, etc. (burned out on that probably 25 years ago after we were told our barrels would NEVER work and then went on to get PCRI fours star ratings virtually across the board for many years...). I do want to say that Armson polygon rifling is generally misunderstood (we didn't even understand it at first...). The rifled lands provide minimal surface area for projectile contact and thus less influence and simply provide a "guide".

I have seen some test results with FS rounds, and some pretty good work, but if you had witnessed the time and expense that Tom Kaye put into ballistics testing when he and Gary Gibson were dialing in the original Perfect Circle rounds it is beyond what anyone could imagine (and I know there some pretty active imaginations in the paintball world) or afford.

My personal experience is that FS rounds work extremely well in our barrels (which are all 0.689" as measured by conventional means) and I have not had a single breech break.

I am specifically looking for feedback form anyone who has ACTUALLY used Armson barrels and FS rounds. I understand that general "feel" and perception always enter into a conversation like this - in reality I haven't seen anyone playing paintball in a laboratory lately. So hope about some thoughts from players who have dropped a few FS through their Armson barrels!!!