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Thread: MQ Vavle

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    Quote Originally Posted by mquinn96 View Post
    Oh, this is Mike Quinn, one of the inventors of the mQ valve
    Hey Mike, Sorry it didn't work out with us last year. I am glad you are still trying to get the MQ3 made. If there is any way I can help out just let me know. You have my email.

    For all of those interested in this new valve from pumzele or the MQ3 from Mike......both are very cool designs, but I have to admit once I understood Mikes new valve design I was blown away. I signed an NDA so don't bother asking for info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pumzele View Post
    This design is a lot more reliable over a whole pressure range.
    I am still waiting for engineers to get back to me about manufacturing my new design.
    I am hoping I can have it by end of next week.
    Any updates to your progress?
    I was wondering if the solenoid could be made to work with a standard valve? I know the mq kinda works backwards, so if the noid is strong enough to push the valve closed then it's strong enough to push a standard valve open right? Or am I thinking too straight forward lol

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    No unfortunately thats not how the Valve works.
    It works on differential area and pressure.
    The solenoid acts as a pilot valve and allows the air to do all the work.
    You would need a very strong solenoid to open a normal valve as you need to to come up with the same force/momentum as a hammer and spring setup.
    This is possible but you looking at a solenoid that is bigger than the marker and requires a car battery to function.
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    holy sweet Jesus there may be hope I get an mq!

    Where's that "shut up and take my money" gif?

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    Hey just so you know this is all still happening just waiting to have everything in place for production before I open pre-orders.
    Just waiting on the preproduction prototype and waiting on some springs. Then I am good to go so can probably open pre-orders in a few weeks.
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