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Thread: X-Mag, Dust Black, X-Mod 1.8 with Programmer

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    X-Mag, Dust Black, X-Mod 1.8 with Programmer

    $1000 shipped USPS Priority and PayPaled. Additional insurance, signature required at delivery, etc. will be extra. No trades. No parting.

    -Dust Black X-Mag: Everything works as it should, including ACE. See pictures. I tried to capture all the tiny blemishes. The camera wouldn't focus on some, especially the ones around the back where the valve is inserted into the body, but they are no worse than the others pictured.
    -X-Mod 1.8 with Programmer/Applications/Files/USB Cable: All applications/files will be e-mailed to the buyer. The various files change the trigger pulls per second required to activate the ramping modes.
    -Battery (holds a charge well), Car charger, and Wall Charger
    -Level 10 Spare Parts (as pictured)
    -Misc Parts: trigger magnets, battery savers, quad o-ring (as pictured)
    -Check It Drop Forward: See pictures for scratches and poor filing job to eliminate rear sharp overhang when ASA was mounted.
    -CP Mini On/Off ASA

    Videos and links to feedback from various sites available upon request.

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