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Thread: X-Mag, Dust Black, X-Mod 1.8 with Programmer

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    X-Mag, Dust Black, X-Mod 1.8 with Programmer

    $1000 shipped USPS Priority and PayPaled. Additional insurance, signature required at delivery, etc. will be extra. No trades. No parting.

    -Dust Black X-Mag: Everything works as it should, including ACE. See pictures. The post is limited to 12 pictures, so I tried to show the worst blemishes. I can e-mail the others, but they are very tiny blemishes here and there.
    -X-Mod 1.8 with Programmer/Applications/Files/USB Cable: All applications/files will be e-mailed to the buyer. The various files change the trigger pulls per second required to activate the ramping modes.
    -Battery (holds a charge well), Car charger, and Wall Charger
    -Level 10 Spare Parts (as pictured)
    -Misc Parts: trigger magnets, battery savers, quad o-ring (as pictured)
    -Check It Drop Forward: See pictures for scratches and poor filing job to eliminate rear sharp overhang when ASA was mounted.
    -CP Mini On/Off ASA

    Videos and links to feedback from various sites available upon request.

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