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Thread: Need help swapping hinge for slider

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    Check the trigger stops, and if they are set, unscrew them to give the trigger a complete range of motion.
    Turn the three way collar as far out of the shaft as it can go.
    If your back block doesn't kick back and stay there, the problem isn't three way timing.
    Slowly adjust the three way timing collar farther onto the timing rod until the back block closes.
    Once the block has moved forward, make small adjustments until the timing is correct.
    See the articles at MPP for more details on timing.
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    Manually pull the cocking rod back as far as it will go then quickly let it go. If it's catching every time you can take the sear/sear spring off the list. Is the cocking rod screwed all the way into the hammer? Is it a two o-ring or three o-ring 3-way? Where are your hoses connected right now? When the backblock is all the way back give it a push to see your lpr pressure. If you can push it all the way closed really easily then turn it up a quarter turn or so. If it's so stiff that it will not budge then lower the lpr pressure a little. I would not time it until other factors have been checked....just me though.

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    One thing that hasn't been mentioned yet is adjusting your cocking rod. With the ram fully extended(back block all the way back) the hammer lug should go just a little past the point where it catches the sear, something like 1/16th an inch past.

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