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Thread: h0ckeyman's beauts

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    h0ckeyman's beauts

    So here are just some highlights from my collection(more than just cockers - sorry if that's sacrelig) - I will be adding to this over the next few days whenever I get some free time:

    First(in every sense):

    BPS Twistr F5 # 66

    And full matching Stella Kit:

    '04 Bloodspatter Taratula Viking

    Rasta A1 Fly - Booster 1 and 1400 shots on the counter

    Joy Division A1 fly(Booster 2 and STR Ram) -

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    Custom ano A1 Fly -

    Brandon Short IM9 -

    CCM Prototype J2 -

    Chrome / Blue MQ2 Karni -

    (pics coming soon)

    LNIB Angel LCD Fly with original box-
    (Pics coming soon)

    LNIB Dark Angel LCD -
    (Pics coming soon)

    02 AKA Excalibur -
    (Pics coming soon)

    Gold PTP Micro-Emag-
    (Pics coming soon)

    Micro/Midget/Fierce Frame Cocker Project(currently in building stage)-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Euangelion View Post
    Nice! Looking forward to updates on the micro project
    Me too. That ones going to be sick.
    WTB: Gen 2 and Gen 3 SFL Autocockers

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