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Thread: Niche vector tuning and support help

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    Exclamation Niche vector tuning and support help

    Have a couple questions regarding my niche vector.

    1.Have you guys been able to successfully set up the auto trigger? No matter how I adjust my lug and hammer spring tension it will always engage early. almost acts like there is no auto trigger at all. ( It was like this from the factory).
    2. Was any of your bolts very tight when in the sled and breach? I had to shave mine down a couple thousandths on the lathe in order to not have the bolt rubbing.
    3. Any alternatives for holding the top tube in place? the screws included didnt seem to hold the top tube down very well even with the orings and blue loctite.
    4. What pressures are you guys running with the stock springs? I would sweet spot it and use a pressure tester but because of the reg design I cant at the moment.
    5. Last but not least, does anyone know when the hinge frames are coming out? Me and the seller I bought this from havent been able to contact niche with either facet. (Facebook, email, etc).
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    This is a sad ignored post.
    I would send it back to Niche - tell him it is a POS - and get a better replacement.
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    Max did okay, he sold it to a team mate of mine.

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    If you have an thru website.....there was a spring change on the "A" models and they are great little shooters. I have address this issue with anyone who wanted these parts. There are about 250 niche guns out there at this point, and I'm willing to help you if you contact the website.

    I do have hinge frames too....for the $375 price, I was going to have to switch to that in the future.

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