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Thread: Black and red vert feed with nice upgrades

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    Black and red vert feed with nice upgrades

    I just purchased this because it had the exact HPR I was searching for to finish a project. No use for the rest of it. Honestly I never even put air to it so assume it needs some tuning and you won't be disappointed. Only other thing i did to it was replace the grips because the ones it had were orange/worn and ugly. Has a lot of nice upgrades as you can see, don't know what the internals are. Has some marks from use but overall looks really good. Beavertail looks slightly bent.


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    If you part I'll take the ram and 3 way
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    If it is not broke, fix it until it is.

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    Copy that l, I will give it a bit to see if anyone will take it complete. If not I can start parting

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