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Thread: Bolt pins!? interest thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by tachiro View Post
    oooooo, and from the picture it looks like it was built for that project, wow. Actually this whole picture looks like a 3d render lol. Thanks for the post
    Thanks! It held up just fine today ripping at 12 bps or so. It really does match it perfectly. I'll be ordering more for my other cockers!

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    Finally got around to modeling a lower-profile halfblock pin for a few weeks now, but ran into an issue with the crater/groove design for the ball bearing that sent me right back to the drawing board. The pin I printed broke way too easily when I tried to flex it-even for PLA. I realize that probably never mattered with aluminum, but for the SLS polymer that's used in the final product, I can't take chances. So, I went with a radial notch (made that term up). Check it out:

    The height is as low as I could get it while still clearing the hump in the body on my black magic(06'). Opinions welcome everyone. Feel free to PM me for a prototype.

    I'm considering putting up another version with an even lower height. The design of the black magic body seems taller than most behind the feedneck.

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