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Thread: Hi everyone

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    Hi everyone

    Haven't been on the site for awhile, sorry about that but I am starting to get back to the workshop and get some projects finished.
    It was a real crappy year earlier on, started out ok went for a 4 week trip back to the home country (UK) and to visit my son in Japan where we found out that his ex was taking our grandson to the far north of Japan and we wouldn't see him for a long time till she decides to come back to her parents.
    Came back to Oz and first day back to work I end up with hot glue all over the back of my left hand and off popped all the skin off the back of my hand and knuckle when it was put under cold water off to hospital and a month off work.
    Wife finds out she has breast cancer, luckily it was caught at the early dtage so it was cut out, 3 weeks of radiation and now hormone therapy for the next 5yrs at least.
    So it has been a pretty crappy year but we seem to be back on top of it all again.

    Well first project on the bench is re assmbly my Sonic Cocker and get it ready for sale.
    It is the first Sonic cocker off the production line
    No 0029 it comes with first Acid Custom 90 degree frame which has a centre pivot trigger which can be pull from the bottom of the trigger guard and the 3 way has been replaced with a bomb as the original leaked from day 1.
    Dont have a price yet but here it is so far, it is just missing the VASA so have to make one. The beavertail which came with them was real basic so I will be making a better one.

    will only make the best no crap or can't sleep
    check out the link for parts available now

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    Wow! Im glad everything is ok with your wife. Thats an emotional roller coaster for sure.

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    Wish you and your family the very best. Glad you are at the workshop again.

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