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Thread: Spanky Graveyard Autococker

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    Spanky Graveyard Autococker

    Spanky Graveyard

    Hinge frame
    black magic reg
    CCM internals
    EVO Bolt Venturi

    The marker is in mint condition.
    Airs right up and shoots.

    There is a small leak out of the macroline. I imagine that the hose just needs to be replaced.
    I don't know anything about cockers, honestly, so I couldn't tell ya if it was "timed" or not. (someone previously asked)

    I've never shot it on the field, I bought it a few months ago on a whim and it went right on the wall.

    Asking Price: $575 shipped
    For videos of firing/condition PM me with your phone number and I can text them your way.

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