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Thread: Who else is waiting on a Meteor?

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    Who else is waiting on a Meteor?

    Preordered one of the Feather bodies and I've been biding my time between a pc build and piecing together a custom autococker. Ordered it in the raw so I can have a custom anno applied. I'm excited for my first build. Found an Evo ram on ebay, still deciding on what 3 way to buy between inception and shocktech.
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    I grabbed a 2000 meteor when they were first announced. Totally worth the wait, it’s one of my favoirite guns now. I would go inception on the 3 way, my past few v2 bombs were less than impressive with considerable drag and a leaky tendency. If you can find an original bomb however, jump on it! With that said just remember if you go inception their collars are threaded differently then most so you need to buy their timing rod.

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