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Thread: Vert feed sniper stick feed?

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    Vert feed sniper stick feed?

    I am looking for a stick feed for my 2k3 sniper, I want to try out 10rd tubes. I found the "stock class" one that Sanchez Machine makes, but what I want is a 45 degree (no rock'n'cock) with a feed gate, 10-15 rds is fine. Is this a DIY PVC thing? If so, how to make a feed gate?

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    Copper pipe, 3/4-inch (0.75")
    Copper 45-degree elbow, 3/4-inch

    Cut the pipe with a hack saw, dry fit into the elbow and tape it if you don't want to buy anything to glue it. I never did

    CCI Phantom feed tube cap on the end of the pipe and you're ready to shoot

    If you really want diy, cut up a 1-3 liter bottle and make your own feedgate by trying to copy a picture of a CCI

    Hot glue into a cut off piece of pvc to match the OD of the copper pipe. The world is your oyster
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