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Thread: Resurrection pings

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    Resurrection pings

    Anyone know how to stop the pinging in my tank when I shoot the resurrection? It only happens when the bolt return when firing

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    Are you certain the pinging is from the tank? That shouldn't be any issue when the bolt returns to its forward position.

    On the other hand, Resurrections do tend to have a very distinctive bell-like ringing sound during cycling, particularly as the bolt goes forward (as you've noted). Just check out some YouTube videos of them shooting, and you'll hear it loud and clear.

    My guess is that it has to do with the fact that they have been heavily milled to save weight and the metal is very thin in certain places. These thin-walled areas in turn may resonate during cycling, producing that distinctive sound.

    Just a guess.

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    funny I cam across this thread. I just picked up a ressy and it pings too.. I have shot another one a few weeks ago and it was almost as quiet as my 2k (action wise). So I think it just may be how it is set up. I searched a little and I have seen a few threads that they changed this or that and all of a sudden the ping went away but no one definitely claims they know what fixes it.

    Gonna tinker a little and see what I can figure out.

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