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    Need some

    Hey guys

    I need some advice. Let me start off by saying, I know I am a pain in the ass about certain things. I like things my way. If its not, they bother me. Not all things, just things that I hold dear to myself. For example with PB guns, if I want white macro, I will get white macro and I will not settle for blue macro.

    So I have Fox Shocks on my truck. They have a reccomended service interval of 30k miles. I have a guy on the east coast that does the rebuilds. Hes about 3 hours from me and he offered to let me stay at his house for the night.

    I drove up Wednesday night, we prepped and rebuilt the rears, then prepped the fronts for the next day. Next day we finish fronts, we go on test drive, all seems ok, we have lunch, and I start my journey home. He has a good understanding of the shocks, he was on the team that helped design and build the first prototype ford raptors. He also raced baja for many years.

    as he was rebuilding my rears he asks if I do any towing. I tell him not regularly, but I do sometimes, quads/snowmobiles/etc. He tells me he can revalve my rears to better handle extra weight. He says you wont even notice a change. So I agree and he revalves them.

    As I started driving home on the highway I immediately notice the backend is stiffer. I can feel it over every bump and even worse if the highway was turning one way or the other as opposed to just driving straight. The backend would almost whip to try and realign itself with the front end.

    I text him immediately asking about a break in period and he explains 30-40 miles. Well I was way passed that already, but wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt. I believe it was about 130 miles to and from. I get home, explain how even after all that driving I still dont like how it felt. He tells me to load the bed with about 200lbs of stuff and see if that changes anything. I do that, still the same to me. Now I just happened to have an additional set of rears that I decided to leave with him if he needed them for anything. He says, "ill get right on the ones you left".

    So I assume since i was unhappy with the way they were valved initally, that he would do the work free. Well that wasnt the case, and I did get a discount, but he still charged me. Fine, I just want the regular valving, whatever I got to do to get back to that. I get the originals back today in a damaged box and the annodizing on the top of the shock is slightly scraped off from the box being damaged. The shock was dragged along the pavement I assume by the delivery person. Now they werent in the best of shape to begin with, but I like my stuff to be and stay in good condition. IDC if I ran it thru the baja the day before, the next day that thing will look like someone gives a crap and takes care of their things.

    What do I do? Complain again? And Who should I complain to? Fed Ex? WTF are they even going to do? I doubt the package was insured. ONE shock alone is about 700 bucks. The initial rebuild of all 4 including the fronts was 700 including labor and parts. Im just not satisfied. I wasnt happy originally, and now, well yea, Im still not happy. Am I being a winey little bitch? Sure the scrape wont affect anything mechanically, but, just, WTF!! I also dont want to seem ungrateful for his work or his hospitality. But this isnt just any truck, its been my pride and joy since I was able to drive it home from the dealer. I worked hard to be able to get it. Took me years of driving around in an old beater to save enough to be able to put something down on it so I wasnt working just to drive the thing. I like nice things, and I like to keep them that way. Am I wrong? Or being overly sensitive?
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    This is spam thread. if you notice at the bottom it has "Last edited by dbkid0486; 07-28-2016 at 07:18 AM. Well dbkidd0486 has not been on for a while and here is his post on this.

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    what’s the benefit of doing something like this? was that a real person or some kind of bot?

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    Weird. Why repost something like that?

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