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Thread: Finally obtained MY unicorn

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    Finally obtained MY unicorn

    I know this isn't the rarest or sexiest cocker out there but it's been so elusive to me. I purchased my first paintball marker (off a friend) before I had ever played a single game back on the early 90s and of course it was a cocker. I absolutely loved it and would go down to my local shop and stare at all the upgrades I couldn't afford. Well one thing they had in the display case was an FX body kit I wanted so bad. I would go to the shop just to stare at the damn thing. Well I never could afford it and sadly my first cocker is long gone. Since then I have owned hundreds of cockers, many of which I truly regret selling but I never had a FX. I have seen some pop up but they never really did anything for me, either to beat up or modified. Well this popped up local to me on Craigslist. The gentleman selling it had purchased it new and had only used it a handful of times in its life. It's been sitting in his home countless years because he just couldn't bring himself to sell it. This thing is absolutely mint and almost completely stock to how he purchased it (he did give me the original grips as well). It did not have the Stabalizer on it, he ran it with the tank directly to the vert ASA. I added the Stab but I am not sure if I will keep it or swap it for something else.

    So after that long story one question. I have never left a shroud on a cocker and only owned a few but I actually like the looks of it on this one. Only issue is it doesn't fit over the vert ASA (not even close). Is this normal for the FX or am I missing something?

    Anyway of all the cockers I have owned this one by far made my day over the others, fulfilled my childhood dream.

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    I am no authority but from my side of the screen it looks like it is sitting normal.

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    From my experience the shroud position is just a matter of choice. Where you have it positioned is kind the intended look. Some cut a notch in the bottom so it slides further back, past the ASA. With that they will usually cut a hole in the front so they can access the adjuster on the LPR. As long as you're happy with it, that's what matters.
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    I will never forget seeing those PTP full page ad’s w/those FX’s.......I always loved them. That is an awesome find. Still looking for my final unicorn, even though I’ve been kind of on the DL lately...


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