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Thread: One (Slide) Frame to Rule Them All . . . ?

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    One (Slide) Frame to Rule Them All . . . ?


    I'm in the process of doing a new build, and as my only real experience with slide frames involves the Resurrection and Inception variants, I could do with a broader education.

    I know there is always a push for new stuff and 'progress', but in my experience newer isn't always better. This is especially true given that the older frames were refined in the fires of serious competition. So maybe it's the case that some of the older designs are actually superior to the new stuff, which seems largely to be designed around helping new recreational cocker owners not to short stroke, etc.

    So if you were evaluating all the greatest slide frames (and their preferred guts) from the golden age, as well as all the newer designs and versions, how would you grade them in terms of (a) fit and finish, (b) build quality, (c) functionality, (d) adjustability, and (e) speed?

    It is true that some of this will be subjective, but that's still useful data to think about, especially if explanations accompany answers.

    I also recognize that some frames seem to really like certain internal parts. That's the kind of info I'm looking for especially.

    So: In your opinion, which slide frame (and guts) is the greatest of all time, and why?

    Thanks very kindly!
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    In my experience, you can make almost any slider frame perform nicely with a little love. Namely, good springs, nylon or brass tipped set screws, a roller sear, and a little polishing.
    That being said, the award for smoothest, fastest slider I ever owned is a tie between an old school Shocktech that had the trigger set up by the guys at bad boys toys back in the day, and a niche 86 slider. Also, I owned a CCX / Cole slider frame that was pretty nice.
    I have heard that the belsales angry frames are the gold standard, but have never shot one.
    Long story short, if I could only buy one slider frame, it would be the niche 86 frame.
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    you could just get an Inception Designs FLE slider and forgo all the extra work to make it good as they already come that way
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    Thank you both!

    Anyone else?

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