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Thread: Jacko AC barrel

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    Quote Originally Posted by skinnyfatguy View Post
    Considering there appears to be a bidding war where someone just offered $300 for one after someone asked on facebook (maybe you) if anyone was interested in one, I'd say yes.
    At $300 not only is someone smoking crack but they are doing it in a designer crack pipe

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    I have to agree with the opinions here; there's no way I'd ever pay anything close to that. Just passing along what someone else said they were willing to pay (not sure if they actually did).
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    So what made these so desirable? That would make someone willing to pay so much for one???

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    I saw the offer and he made a $300 offer on another random barrel too. Master trolling.

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    I think they are kind of a fit for early british brand guns like evos and eclipses

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    Definitely. Really late 90's markers in general. I loved them from the first time I borrowed a teammate's Angel LED right after they came out. Still do, just freak em now.

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    This isn't the place for this discussion. If you're selling a barrel post a pic and a price. If you want to talk, move it to another forum.
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