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Thread: Styn Valve Pre-Order NOW OPEN!

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    Styn Valve Pre-Order NOW OPEN!

    Hello Guys,

    I will be releasing a limited amount of Styn valves.
    I am selling them on pre-order only and the first 40 people to confirm here will be on the list.

    Cost will be $200 per valve. $100 will be requested as a deposit and a further $100 will be payable before sending out.
    Time frame will be 60 working days after receiving all 40 peoples money.
    Unfortunately it takes so long as that is the lead time that I got from MAC for the custom solenoid that is being used in the Valve.
    I spent all my money on prototypes and for me to continue working I need to recover some money first.

    How it will work:
    If you want the valve post here saying you want a valve. For now I will limit it to 2 valves per person. Once we have the 40 spots occupied I will ask everyone to paypal me the down payment. Unfortunately I am not in a position to fund everything out of my own pocket.
    If for some reason I should not fill the 40 spots in a week I will allow people to take more than 2 valves.
    As people post here I will fill up the Spots.

    I am based currently in the Czech republic as such I will send to my partner in America and he will ship it out from there to you guys.
    A total of 50 valves will be made in case of rejects so if there are no rejects there will be another 10 up for grabs after shipping out the first batch.

    Please note that the Valve is 11/16th! Please do not buy if you are not experienced with cockers! The valve has a max pressure rating of 215psi! You will also need a high flow bolt (If running on resurrection or SR cocker I would recommend the TechT hush bolt but the standard resurrection bolt works great as long as the o-rings are new). Your gun should shoot 295fps at 195psi using matched paint and high flow bolt. Turning up the pressure above 220psi can break the Solenoid. I will hopefully be posting more information to this soon.

    What you will receive:
    1 x Styn valve body with a serial number 0000-0050 will be randomly selected.
    1 x MAC solenoid for styn valve
    2 x Styn Valve piston (different types for you to tinker with)
    2 x Styn Valve spring (different types for you to tinker with)
    1 x Spare o-rings
    1 x Online manual (I will work on the manual while I wait for mac).
    The whole thing will be tested in either an SR cocker or Resurrection and will be left fully assembled.
    A note with the print out of the test results.
    And my personal email for support(I hope this isn't a bad idea lol)

    A whole kit will be released in the near future. Anyone who buys a Styn valve now will get a $100 discount on the full kit.

    [strike]Thats it.
    I will be posting some new videos on how it is installed soon as well as pictures of the valve[/strike]

    Here you go:

    1. Btmcmahan
    2. Brian Kolasa (FB)
    3. Brian Kolasa (FB)
    4. njr_11
    5. Cody Kespelher (FB)
    6. quick2dye
    7. quick2dye
    8. jhninkin
    9. Lenord
    10. Lenord
    11. whendonkiesfly
    12. Bstrddsm
    13. evil_racecocker
    14. testing567
    15. xenstalker
    16. hockeyplaye8511
    17. Turpid porpoise
    18. white&nerdy
    19. white&nerdy
    20. HeroForADay
    21. JimBobFett
    22. JimBobFett
    23. Rancid1845 (FB Zim Eisen)
    24. kwoodpaintballer87
    25. Dualimpact
    26. baconquilt
    27. RidgeH
    28. RidgeH
    29. Dave (David Wilson)
    30. Dave (David Wilson)
    31. Drew Lewis (FB)
    32. oldbrokensaabs
    33. xenstalker
    34. sethzilla
    35. sethzilla
    36. Magmoormaster
    37. __Z__
    38. TheSentry
    39. TheSentry
    40. chrismhotrod73
    41. anthrakz
    42. MaximusG
    43. FReEK
    44. docfire
    45. Alpharius

    The list above is now finalised. I have put in the order for the solenoids already. There will be an additional 5 valves for sales after everyone recieved their respective valves.
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    This has been up for 12min why is the list not full yet?
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    I'll take 1! PayPal ready

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    Only when the list is full will I accept money.
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    I'll take 1 as well

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    I will take two please

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    I'll take one

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    Put me down for 2.

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    Yeah! First 10 spots are taken! only 30 more to go. Guys I will advertise this and put up some videos so that we can fill this list faster. If it takes a lot longer I can always just make a few. I just need to talk to the machinest and find out if they will penalize me if I take a lot less. MAC has already told me they fine with selling me only a few. So I will give it another week and will see.
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    I will take one.

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