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Thread: 1998 WORRGAMES Autococker ($360)

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    Red face 1998 WORRGAMES Autococker ($360)

    A collectors item ladies and gentlemen!

    I am selling my 1998 WORRGames Autococker Paintball Gun (Right Side feed, not vertical, single trigger).

    *** (DISCLOSURE- I haven't used my paintball gun in YEARS, so I am not even sure if it is working, may need some TLC, gun sat in my childhood home for years collecting dust and I finally brought it back with me to Colorado)!

    with upgraded DYE anodized black barrel (18 inch) + loads of other equipment including:

    JT Paintball Mask
    Clear Paintball Hopper
    20 Oz. Brand New Co2 Tank (purchased 2018 on Amazon)
    CO2 tank heavy duty coil
    Utility paintball belt w/tubes (3 included)


    I am trying to sell as a full starter kit! If you just want the gun let me know. I live in Denver and would love to find a home for this. Will pay for two day shipping!
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    Really need some pictures here - GLWS

    Try the imgur app.
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    I'm not quite sure of how to post pictures in the forum but would be glad to send them to whomever requests them!

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