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Thread: Inception & CCM autococker/pump parts

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    Exclamation Inception & CCM autococker/pump parts

    Hello everyone. I have too much gear piling up so here goes. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for checking out my sale thread.

    Here's what's up for grabs:
    New Inception Stella 14” barrel gloss black with 682 insert: $58 shipped
    Dye UL front (back is a UL copy) Freak bored 12” barrel dust black with some wear & 695 insert: $38 shipped
    Inception Designs 86* slider with AT cam/arm dust black: SOLD
    WGP Outkast (undrilled/stock internals/dust black): $125 shipped
    Inception Designs Vicious midblock (front block/complete ID internals/dust black): $365 shipped
    Inception Designs Drift mini midblock pump kit gloss black: $140 shipped
    Palmers Fatty Stabilizer reg dust black: SOLD
    CP V2 reg (idiot marks & air fitting): SOLD
    New CCM semi gloss dust rail/on-off: $55 shipped
    CCM dust blue/black rail/on-off: $45 shipped
    CP on-off (gloss & idiot marks) & rail (dust): $40 shipped
    CCM dust pewter low profile neck: $10 shipped
    CCM gloss blue low profile neck/collar: $15 shipped
    Planet Eclipse twist on/off & rail: SOLD
    CCM gloss black lever lock: $35 shipped
    CCM dust blue beaver tail: $12 shipped


    Listed above

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    I'll take the CP reg. PM'ing.

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