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Thread: new free flow vs new sfl

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    new free flow vs new sfl

    Probably the same as asking if you prefer Mercedes or Audi but i was wondering what everyone's opinion on the new guns coming out of free flow and SFL.

    Thinking about ordering one and didn't know if there was anything i should look into that is coming down the pipeline.

    loved the look of the 2020 super cocker but i don't think i can justify the 2500 for one if there are any other private labels i should be looking into feel free to steer me in the right direction.

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    I like the new milling on the mini versions of the SFL, but feel like the extended versions look weird. It's like they got to the spot between where the mini ends and the front block will be, and had no idea what to do with it. Just my personal thought on it.

    I like the last couple of Freeflow designs, and love the looks of the pneus for them. I might pick up a set for some of my builds. They look nice.

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    I legitimately thought that ER kit was a joke, it looks terrible. The new body designs look great though. Freeflow has been killing it with their guns, maybe not crazy like others but they look great. Interested to see these new pneumatics in the wild.

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    I will have my Caliber mini before the end of the year and will post an extensive overview on YouTube.
    I have ordered a Clutch - simply because it is a big step forward in modernizing Freeflow’s products. This is the first time they will have collaborated so deeply with Dye for product design.

    For the price of any new SFL - you get premium quality, customer support, and personalized discounted fancy anodizing from Freeflow’s high profile anodizing partners (Blizzard, Arc, Aesthetic) which to me is hard to beat.
    If you miss a release - I think it is reasonable to expect another in 4 months’ time (as has been the tempo thus far) to the tune of 3 unique Freeflow designs per year as long as they see fit to continue.
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