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Thread: LPR Leak From Base of LPR

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    LPR Leak From Base of LPR

    Ah, the joys of autococker building...

    I've recently installed a brand new Inception Designs LPR on the front block of the gun. However, I am now experiencing a leak
    from the threaded portion of the LPR that connects the body of the LPR to the front block. Any ideas about what could be causing this?

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    Did you use adequate thread sealant when you screwed the LPR into the front block?
    If the LPR end of the fitting is leaking I would be surprised - and then rebuild the new LPR with some bonus lube on that nearest o-ring.

    If it’s coming out of the FB past the threads on the LPR fitting it’s because you didn’t use adequate thread sealer like Teflon tape.
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